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        At 19.01. midnight started the macedonian part of the expedition Kilimandzaro 2005 with Stojanovski Marin, Hristov Dushko and me Last photo before flight from BelgradeJakimovski Andreja, we went with a bus to Belgrad from where together with other 10 members lead by Nikola Heleta from mountain club Zeleznicar from Belgrade, at 20.01. in 14:30h we took a plain flight from the Belgrade airport to Cirih. From there the next day at 09h we are flying toward tha capital city of Kenya - and arriving there at 20h local time and we are going on further with minibus to Tanzanija and city Arusha where we are arriving at 02 after midnight and we are spending the night there. At 21.01. we are making last preparations and agreements before the start toward the national park Kilimandzaro.
        The climb started at 23.01. In the national park Kilimandzaro we are entering through Marangu gate at 1950m a.s.l. at 12h noon. Start of the climbIt takes one hour to finish the all neccesary formalities about geting licence for the climb, as well as for meeting the 26th local people that will acompany the expedition on it's way to the top and back, guides, porters and cooks. The expedition starts precisely at 13h and that day we have been going through thick forest and for about 4h we arrived at to the first camp Mandara at 2720 a.s.l. On the way up we are meeting lot of mountaineers that are also trying to climb the highest peak in Africa. We are staying there that night and the next day 24.01. we are going to the camp Horombo at 3780 a.s.l. We started at 8:30h in the morning, the road soon leaves the forest and at about 2900 a.s.l. we are going through area covered with high grass, low bushes and manny flowers. Little after 10h we arrived at 3000 a.s.l. and manny members of the expedition are crossing the highest point for them so far. Unfortunately icefalls of Kilimadzaro are not big as they used to be At 3400 a.s.l. we are having a launch brake, the landscape is changing again and here there are mainly low grass with lot of endemic trees (Senecio Kilimanjaris). Around 15:30h we ariving at camp that is bellow peak Mavenzi 5149 a.s.l. The weather was changing all day, cloudy then sunny, very pleasant for walking, there was few short rain showers during the day. But late afternoon the weather drasticly changes and during the night there was a big storm with rain and strong wind. The temperature at camp Horombo is between 5-10 degrees celzius.
        The next day 25.01. is devoted to aclimatization that is a necessity during climbing at such height to accomodate to the different climate condiotions. At 9:30 we are goint at aclimatization climb untill 4200 a.s.l. Around 11h we are reaching the 4000m hight and we are just bellow the masiv of Mavenzi, it is covered with snow from 4700m up. IN the next half an hour we are reaching the rock known as "Zebra rock" becauce of its color. After the 40 min. we are continuing Some fun on the trail untill little more then 4200 a.s.l. and then before 13h we are back at the camp. We are using the afternoon and the night to rest. That evening there was also a storm with rains but no so strong as previous night.
        At 26.01. we are going toward the 3th camp Kibo at 4750 a.s.l. Now the weather is different, it is colder with temperature bellow zero during the night. We started at 9h. Somewhere at 3900 m we have a beatufil view to the highest parts of Kilimandzaro covered with sun that morning. We are making a short brake at sattle 4150 a.s.l. where is the last spring of water and untill where there are some vegetation. From that point forward we are going through real desert landscape, the weather is geting worst again and starts to rain that folow us (with short brakes) untill the lunch brake at 4400 a.s.l. At 14h we are going further and for a short time we are entering a big plato at 4500 m that takes apart the masiv Mavenzi and masiv Kibo where is the peak Uhuru at 5895 m. Here we also In front of Kibo hut making a short 30 min. brake. The temperature is about 3-4 degrees celzius. Around 16 we are arriving at camp Kibo 4750 a.s.l. weather is cloudy with 0 degrees celzius. At 18h after the light supper we are arestin a little untill 23h and then making the last preparations for the final climb to the top, the last and hardest 1145 meters hight difference. Beacause of a height illnes problems one member of the expedition is not going further and staying at the camp.
        Rest of the members of the expedition 20 min. after midnight at 27.01. are starting the last part of the climb. We are going in dark with headlamps on, because of the full moon after some time they became useless. The weather is cold with about -10 degrees temperature. Because of the great height we are going very slowly up and about 3h after midnight we are reaching 5000 meters a.s.l. we are making short brakes often. Around 6h starts daybraking and we are delighted with a magnificant daybreak Resting at Gillman's pointat 5400 meters, and temperature is -15 degrees.
        The conditions for climbing are getting better with the rising of the sun and the speed of moving is encreasing, at 7:30h we are reaching Gillman's point with 5681 a.s.l. Because of exaustion another one of the members of the expedition is finishing his climb here, he could not pass the last 200 meters. After a short 5 minutes brake we are walking at the edge of the vulcano, here and there on snow and ice, and from the both sides of the trail there are iternal icefalls of Kilimadzaro. First at the top climbs Marin, and then at 8:40h are climbing Dule, Pavle from Novi Sad and me, later follow the rest 7 members of the expedition led by the leader Nikola Heleta.
        At the top handshakes, hugs, photographing even some tears, we are staying at the top for hour and a half although it is not recomended to stay more then half an hour because of the specific climate on that height. Untill 9:30h weather is very beautiful, there is no wind, almost incredible for that height, but it shanges rapidly and about 10h there were more and more clouds, the summit were covered Nikola and Milica at the top of Kilimandzaro fog and the temperature have fallen few degrees bellow zero. Few minutes after 10h we are starting down and for about 1 hour we are reaching "Gillman's point". After a short brake we are continuing to go down toward hut "Kibo". The weather is getting worse, strong wind is starting to blow, and at 5400 a.s.l. we are surrounded with full winter storm which follows us untill the camp at 4750 a.s.l. First members of the team are coming at the camp at 13h and the last about 15:30h. There we are making a longer brake. After that for about 3 hours we are getting dowh to the camp Horombo where Andrej, Dule and Marin at 5895 a.s.l. we are spending the last night at KIlimandzaro. Next day at 9h we are starting for the camp Mandara and we are reaching the camp at 11:30 and because of the beautiful weather we are making a longer brake for about one and a half hour. Before we reach Marangu we are turning aside to see some wonderfull big waterfalls, which because of the dry season are having little water. At Marangy we are arriving at 15h and here the members of the expedition who successfully climbed the top are receiving certificates. After that we are going back at the starting point, collorfull city Arusha. After a deserved rest with 4-day safari at national parks Serengeti, Ngoro Ngoro and Manjara the successfuly finished expedition at 05.02.2005 is flying back at Belgrad and then Skopje.

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